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19 January 2013 @ 09:51 pm

Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Words count: 298
Disclaimer: All resemblance with real events is purely coincidental or I am a medium.

- HENRAIYYYYY!!! screamed Donghae from the bathroom.

Henry, who
was comfortably resting on the sofa, was quite alarmed by his friend's scream. Why would he call him like that? He had not showered today so defensively he would not have left a bunch of hair on the floor of the shower! He got up as his name was called once again from the bathroom, he opened the door carefully, the shower was running. He almost gasped, almost, one can only spend so many years (well, if Henry was truthful with himself he would have to say weeks,) living with Super Junior before you get used to men running around in various states of undress, suspiciously taking showers two at a time ("We're both men!" Sungmin had told Henry when he dared ask, "so it's fine!") and taking pictures no one should have to see (or take for the matter). Donghae was naked, his head pocked out of the shower door, trying to reach for his cellphone next to the sink.

- Give me my phone, Donghae said, hand still extended toward the device.
- What do you want with your phone in the shower, hyung? You'll get it all wet.
- Siwon took a picture of himself in the bath, fans really liked it! Donghae said, looking mischievous, but I don't take bubble bath and I want to take it further.
- You want to take pictures of yourself while showering?

Donghae nodded vigorously, there was nothing Henry could do at that point, he was determined, so Henry reached for the phone and as he was giving it to Donghae, he took his hand away. Henry  frowned at him.

- You take the pictures! Donghae told him, a big childish smile on his face.

And so he did.